Gold Price Outlook: Gold Slammed Lower on Record US Jobs Creation

Have you heard the latest gold price outlook report from Forex Bullion News? Did you know that the US economy is set to record highs in the next four years? Did you know that the latest jobs report showed a very strong gain of over 800,000 jobs in the last six months and that the numbers are on the rise?

There are many reasons why so many people are still positive about the new administration and its ability to successfully tackle the ever-growing debt and deficit, which in turn will result in further recovery. The latest job report was the second consecutive gain of over 800,000 jobs. Other jobs reports have shown even more progress, such as one released by the US Department of Labor showing an increase of an astounding 1.5 million jobs.

This job increase is tremendous in light of the fact that the real estate market has begun to cool. Some of the larger corporations have decided to scale back on construction projects. Government-backed housing loans have also fallen.

So why would anyone expect the present level of gold prices to stay where they are? Well, just like they were in the midst of the previous economic recovery, gold prices will continue to hover near the top of all time highs. We believe this could happen within the next two years.

Why is it inflationary pressures are fueling higher inflation and higher interest rates? Because the money supply continues to grow at its current pace, it is really only a matter of time before the US dollar weakens further. Why should anyone believe the central banks or the stock market will not end up losing their balance?

How long will this economic recovery last? Will we see another recession before we reach our economic objective? Will interest rates or inflation rise higher than we ever have experienced during any previous major economic crisis?

This economic recovery could be one of the most diverse in our history. The standard of living is slowly improving and middle class families are finally starting to feel the benefits of their hard work. The unemployment rate continues to fall and we are beginning to see some positive results for the debt relief plan in Congress.

So, what makes investors feel that this economic recovery can sustain the kind of gains they have witnessed over the past year? It appears that the US economy is facing a real estate problem, especially with more foreclosures. The next wave of job growth is on the horizon but until the housing market gets under control, it will continue to be a problem.

The high unemployment rate may also be causing some individuals to turn to alternative forms of income. This is an issue we never thought would come to pass as a large number of Americans are simply fed up with unemployment and do not want to work for wages. If you look at the types of products that are beginning to show up on the shelves of the major department stores, you will find a wide variety of items and the majority of these are products that can be bought online.

Consumers are turning to online store shoppers in record numbers because they are frustrated with the inability to find a product in their local area. What better way to start your own business than to sell products that you enjoy or those that are popularly purchased online? In fact, there are literally thousands of products that are available on the Internet.

Why should you be concerned about how the economic recovery will progress? The next four years can’t come soon enough. If you are holding gold bullion, it will be a good investment as well as a great long-term store of value.

Let’s all hope the people who own gold stock, shorting in financial markets will be as well-informed as those who trade in the gold markets today. We wish you all the best in your decisions regarding your wealth and financial future.