US Presidential Election Timeline and Implications for Gold Prices

This is a very interesting article that I came across while doing some research on the US Presidential Election. This one looks at the effects of a Donald Trump Presidency.

What is interesting about this is that it doesn’t look at any other possibility. This is simply looking at the possibility that Trump will win and if this happens, what will happen to the gold price?

To understand how this is possible, you need to understand the nature of the Clinton campaign. It seems as though they have found their groove and are in full force. You see a lot of people who are now saying that a Trump victory would be a disaster and even if he wins he will be no different than the Bush administration.

When you take a closer look at what these people are saying there is a lot of truth to what they say about Trump winning and therefore the consequences for gold prices. The first thing that you have to realize is that gold prices always go up whenever there is political change or even a recession. That is how they are priced and it does make sense.

In fact if we look at the US Presidential Election Timeline and Implications for Gold Prices you will find that there has been an upward trend in price. The last thing that we want to see is a downward move since most of the big bullion buyers are bullish on the future of the metal.

As we can clearly see there are big bullion buyers that believe that the world is going to have more stability than it has seen in many years and they like that. You see gold prices do not go down when the world economy is in trouble and as such they should continue to rise if there is to be any recovery in the future.

The last thing you want to see if a Hillary Clinton administration is if we have a Donald Trump Presidency. The reason is that if Trump wins and we get into a recession the prices will crash and then they will be unable to recover.

Of course if the price drops a bit there will be some big bullion buyers that want to sell because they think it will rebound soon. and so they can turn their attention back to other assets.

The good news is that gold is something that never goes down. Gold is a good investment because of its historical value as an asset in times of crisis.

It also has a very high intrinsic value, which means that it is going to keep rising over time. The more we have the opportunity to keep investing in this precious metal the better.

So if we look at the US Presidential Election Timeline and Implications for Gold Prices we can see that there are two scenarios that could happen. either the price will continue to rise or fall. So depending on the course of events that will impact the gold market, what we should be looking out for in the near future is that the prices will continue to increase.

Therefore if you have been looking for the right time to enter the gold market, you need to be thinking in the short term and not the long term. Now is a great time to invest in gold as it is likely to continue to gain value over the next few months and years.

It may seem strange to say this but I believe that the most important days of the election are still to come and that is the day before the election day. It is the day of the speech and the day of the debate. The more people that are paying attention to both of these events the better the chance that the prices will move higher in anticipation of the outcome of the election.